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slay academy

Week One:

-Get really clear on what YOU want

-Discuss the difference between goals vs. growth

-Identify where you're stuck in the growth process

-Discuss the 3 key factors you need to have in order to receive whatever you want!


Week Two:

-We identify and change whats influencing your life

-Discuss the difference between the subconscious vs. conscious mind

-Learn how to raise your standards and get what you deserve

- Rewrite your story to ceate the life you want.


Week Three:

-Get clear on what confidence actually is

-Learn how to get clear and on who you want to be and how to create unshakable confidence in who you are becoming

- Learn how to deal with and give feedback and criticism

-Learn how the impacts of your environment and how to become who you want to be and get what you have even in an unsupportive environment!


Week Four:

This is where we put it all together!

-How to create motivation and momentum

-How to stop "forcing it" and allowing things to FLOW in life

-Identify the power of your WHY

- Build a customized daily action plan to assure yourself on a path of growth to continue even after we work together!

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