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Do you ever find yourself..

- Thinking all guys are the same 

-Comparing yourself to other women 

-Wondering why nothing you do ever seems like it's enough 

-Losing yourself in trying to be who you think he wants you to be

-Feeling frustrated, unhappy, and burnt out in relationships



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I was in a relationship for about 7 years and  I spent a good amount of that time losing myself in trying to gain his approval and attention. 

That wasn’t his fault. Looking back, it was totally mine.

Flash forward to that relationship ending and admittedly I jumped right into the next relationship. 

BUT to my defense, I found THE guy.

Like, you know how when you know, you know? I knew. 

Until 6 months later I found myself in my therapists office (first time ever in therapy) because I was unhappy again. 

Which seemed impossible. I was with an amazing guy, you know the one I swore to God that I would be happy with if I got him. 

My dream guy.

This led me to believe “If I can’t be happy with him, I’m probably just better off alone.” 


After sharing my frustrations about my past relationship and my current relationship, she bluntly said to me, “SAM, You dating a completely different guy, but you are in the same relationship. You can see that right?”

It was then that my whole world changed. She was right.

I was dating a completely different guy, but because I was bringing my same self, same beliefs, same habits, and same insecurities into the relationship, I was creating the same relationship. 

That’s when I knew if I wanted to make my relationship work, or any relationship for that matter, I needed to make some changes. 

Side Note: This doesn’t mean your significant other isn’t in the wrong, doesn’t do anything wrong, or will never be wrong.

It just means that regardless of who you’re with, YOU are responsible for working on YOU and THEY are responsible for working on THEM. BUT, you will be amazed at how your own personal development and growth changes how they respond and show up to you and your relationship. 


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-You CAN have an amazing relationship with the person you are with or the person you find. 

-But there are some things you need to become aware of, some things you need to do,  and some mindset shifts you need to make. 

-In this relationships course, I walk you through the  mindset shifts I made and the specific strategies I implemented in my own relationship in order to build it full of love, passion, understanding, as it is now! 

-Believe me, I’d never want to paint the picture that we’re the perfect couple with the perfect relationship. Were a perfectly imperfect couple who are passionate about each other and despite what life throws at us we choose to grow through it and come out on top! 

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I will teach you how I went from feeling UNHAPPY, INSECURE, & FRUSTRATED 👉🏼 HAPPY, CONFIDENT & FULFILLED

As Tony Robbins says, "The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our relationships." Relationships are at the core of everything we do in our life and are the number one thing that either holds us back or pushes us forward. The relationship you are in is a direct reflection of the relationship you have within. 

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How to know if he's the right one, and/or the truth about finding the right one. 


How to do the inner work of happiness and confidence in order to show up more powerfully in your relationship.


How to relight the fire and keep the sparks flying after the Honeymoon phase. ( In this section I give you my game changing strategy I use in my life.) 


How to be confident in yourself when he doesn't support what you're doing and how to be confident in your relationship when the people closest to you don't support it.




Your relationship with HIM starts with your relationship with YOU!

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